Sustainable technical solutions for human and nature by current state-of-the-art technology,
operation cost-cutting, maintenance- and eco-friendly by highly recyclable modular design.

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Measurement and Control Technology

In the area of Measurement and Control Technology we assist you with sophisticated application-oriented solutions with sustainable state-of-the-art automation technology.

Due to the ISAP® 'modular design' and 'four screws - five minutes principles we ensure you a very maintenance-friendly plant with high availability and low running costs.

Our photo-illustrated documentations with precise workflows allow also employees with very basic technical skills to check the plant and allow you to focus on your real work.

With an ISAP® Remote Control Module you can verify and change the status of your plant at any time from any site via Internet or cell or smartphone with State-of-the-art IT Security.

Participate from our
  • Consulting on system planning and component selection.

  • Planning and Project management of new plants (R&D and industry) as well as with expansion and modernization.

  • Inspection of controller systems and optimization of control loops and processes.

  • Hardware implementation (PC, stored-program controller, digital action controller).

  • Software implementation.
  • Sensors

  • Final control elements

  • Signal transformation

  • Data displays

  • Data logging

  • Process control systems


Benefit from our experience of more than 25 years and let us have a look at your planning. We reveal weak spots at a first glance and so you will avoid expensive conversions and ensure the punctual start-up and a successful function.

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Project Management / Development of application-oriented Plants and Devices

Electronic Data Processing / Information Technology

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